About product

Our product comprises a set of straightforward and user-friendly APIs which are easy to embed in farming applications. Each API is dedicated to its own particular area which means the user can be flexible about how often the data is updated and receive only information that is necessary.

By using our satellite and weather data, the user can assess the condition of farmland in real time and start planning

How to Use Our Product

To start using our product straight away, all you need to do isregister and you’ll receive an automatically generated key for connection to our product.

To start working with our APIs, you just need to send us your coordinates or polygon in GeoJSON format, or the coordinates for the specific point for which you need to receive data.

Then you will receive structured data in accordance with your request, documentation, and our fees.

For your convenience, we have put together several data packages. You can also order any of the data we provide for a period of interest to you. You can find out more about prices and what we offer in the Fees section.