Weather API

Our range of weather products covers the full spectrum of data needs - 40-year historical data, current weather, forecasts (both short-term and long-term) and other products such as weather alerts or industry-specific solutions. Data are available via APIs, one-off (bulk) exports of data and via Bulk Download. All the below products come in out-of-the box form, however, we will be glad to discuss Enterprise-level customisations.

Our weather products are divided by collections: Current & Forecast weather data, Historical weather data, Maps collection and Other APIs.

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Current & Forecast weather data

Current weather data and a number of forecast products (starting from up-to-minute to long-range forecasting), with data available for any coordinate, globally. Can be requested via API or Bulk Download feature.

Current Weather API

Multi-parameter current weather data for any location on the globe.

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Hourly Forecast API 4 days

Weather forecast with an hourly step for the next 4 days.

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One Call API

A universal API combining several types of data within itself - minute forecast (for next hour), hourly forecast (next 2 days), daily forecast (next 8 days), short-term historical data (last 5 days) as well as active national weather alerts for a location.
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Daily Forecast API 16 days

Weather forecast with a daily step for the next 16 days.

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Climatic Forecast API 30 days

Long-term climatic weather forecast, with daily data for the next 30 days.

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Bulk Download

Dataset of already collected and regularly updated data for a fixed list of global locations, removing the need to call an API. Includes current weather and forecasts. Highly customisable feature, please reach out to us for details.
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Solar Radiation API Special

Essential solar data for each point on the global to evaluate level of solar radiation. Includes GHI, DNI, DHI indices of both clear-sky and cloudy-sky model. Current and forecast data are available for next 16 days, historical archive is available starting from 1st January 1979.

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Global Weather Alerts Special
Push notifications

Weather warnings from majority of national weather agencies that can be pushed to your system/app as soon as they occur. Messages contain detailed description of alert, date/time, area of alert, severity level, certainty level and urgency level.

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Road Risk API Special

This tool is specifically designed for logistics and delivery businesses to enable effective planning of the routes’ schedule and fuel consumption. It is flexibly configured to provide detailed weather information along the route with minute granularity, alerts, push notifications and forecasts for the destination point.
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Historical weather data

Our 40-year historical data archive is extremely versatile and data are available for any location on the globe. Information can be provided as a continuous archive or only for specific moments in time (timestamps). Data are available via APIs and in a form of one-time Bulk export for your locations.

History API

Historical data with hourly step for any location on the globe, requested via API. Archive is available starting from 2012.

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History API by Timestamp

Up-to-minute historical data that can be requested for specific moments in time. Data are available starting from 1 Jan 1979 for any location on the globe.

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Historical Weather API
Full archive

API that returns full 40-year, hourly archive for a location (from 1 January 1979). Data available for any location on the globe.
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History Bulk

One-off export of full historical weather data archive for more than 40 years back (since 1 Jan 1979). Hourly data are available for any location on the globe. For smaller orders, please consider a quick and easy export via our Marketplace.

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History Forecast Bulk

Export of previous forecasts made for a specific location. Includes previous 16-day/daily forecasts for any location on the globe, with dava available from October 7, 2017. For smaller orders, please consider a quick and easy export via our Marketplace.
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Statistical Weather Data API

Statistically aggregated historical weather data, with 3 types of aggregations available (daily/monthly/yearly). Based on our historical weather archive and data are updated hourly.

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Weather maps

Our maps that allow for more visual representation of weather conditions around a certain area.
Range includes two versions of Weather Maps 2.0 API (hourly and 3-hourly), providing you with forecasts, current and historical data for 15 different weather layers (temperature, wind, etc). Additionally, our radar-based Global Precipitation Maps provide clear view of precipitation at higher resolutions and more frequent, 10-minute step. Lastly, Relief Maps can be used as a separate layer for all other weather products.

Weather Maps 2.0
3-hour step

Historical, current and forecast weather maps for 10 days ahead. Maps have a 3-hourly step and 15 weather layers are available (temperature, wind, precipitation, etc).

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Global Precipitation Maps Historical & Forecast data

Radar-based based precipitation maps, with available historical data for the previous 2 days, current and forecast weather (next 6 hours for the US, next 2 hours for global areas). These maps have an hourly step and are updated every 10 minutes, with resolution of <1 km.
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Relief Maps

Set the position of the sun to receive accurate illumination of the earth’s surface and its relief for specified conditions.

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Weather Maps 2.0 Special
1-hour step

Historical, current and forecast weather maps for 10 days ahead. Maps have an hourly step and 14 weather layers are available (temperature, wind, precipitation, etc).
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Other weather APIs

Additional weather APIs that do not fall into other categories. Provide access to complementary datasets (Air Pollution) or ease working with existing data.

Air Pollution API

Air quality information for global locations (current, forecast and historical data). Includes number of various parameters - Air Quality Index (AQI) and indices for CO, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, NH3, PM2.5, PM10. Forecast for 5 days ahead with 1-hour step.
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Geocoding API

Geocoding API is a simple tool that eases the search for locations while working with geographic names and coordinates. It transforms any location name into geographical coordinates (direct geocoding), and the other way around (reverse geocoding).
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Weather Triggers API

Pull-based triggers that fire upon the occurrence of speicfied weather conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) in a certain period of time.

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