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OpenWeather Dashboard

Enhance your operational decision-making
using verified and detailed weather forecasts
together with personalised consultations
with professional meteorologists

Introducing OpenWeather Dashboard: our advanced tool for your business

OpenWeather presents you a comprehensive weather solution to get accurate and industry-specific weather forecasts, timely severe weather alerts, detailed weather overview, and expert consultations from OpenWeather professional meteorologists for informed decision-making, worldwide.


Expert Consultations

Personal consultations with
meteorologists on topics
relevant to you


Tailored to your industry

Highly customisable
solution to meet
your requirements


Global coverage

Weather data for every corner
of the globe to support
your operations worldwide

What`s inside?

Detailed Weather Reports

Stay ahead of weather changes with regular, industry-specific forecasts crafted by our experienced meteorologists.

Expert Consultations

Directly connect with our meteorologists for personalised insights and timely weather updates.

Location-Specific Weather Overview

Get detailed forecasts and interactive maps for your chosen locations, with customisable layers for relevant weather information.

Custom Weather Alerts

Receive tailored notifications about weather conditions and phenomena that impact your industry and location.

OpenWeather Dashboard is a highly customisable product. If you prefer it adjusted in some way for your specific implementation, please consider our customisation services.

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Dan Hart

Accurate Forecasts by Expert Meteorologists

Our team of meteorologists, led by Chief Meteorologist Dan Hart, offers industry-leading advice as well as insights that enhance the reliability and accuracy of forecasts.

Dan Hart, Chief Meteorologist

With a proven track record spanning over 25 years, Dan is experienced in supervising complex weather forecasting operations across various industries and large scale projects including marine, energy, construction and film production sectors in the UK, Europe, MENA, Caspian, Africa, North & South America, and South Asia regions. Dan leads our team in providing high-quality, science-backed weather advice for your business.

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Weather Reports Features

Customisable, meteorologist-generated reports that can include a wide range of data tailored to your specific needs. Using reports for up to 16-Day ahead forecasts gives you detailed weather predictions for the coming weeks.

  • General Synopsis: An overview of expected weather patterns
  • Severe Weather Warnings: Advance notice of potential hazards
  • Expert Analysis: Meteorologist insights on wind, temperature, precipitation, visibility, thunderstorm risk, and other relevant phenomena
  • Hourly Data Tables & Graphs: Comprehensive breakdowns of temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more

Our experienced meteorologists can provide tailored reports to meet the unique needs of your industry. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Meteorologist consultations: Expert guidance for your specific needs

  • Weather interpretation - Experts explanations of weather conditions
  • Industry specific guidance - Including operational considerations and potential impacts
  • Custom Forecasts - for your specific location and parameters
  • Ongoing Forecasts - updates based on your location and weather variables
  • Emergency preparedness - guidance for responding to severe weather events
  • Long-term planning - Assistance in integrating weather into your long-term strategy

Weather Overview Features

  • Interactive weather map with different weather layers such as Temperature, Precipitation, Wind Speed and others
  • Detailed weather forecast by your locations and area of interest
  • Timely weather notifications: severe weather alerts, new weather bulletins by your locations and direct messages from your meteorologist

We are glad to offer a personalised service to our customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Weather Alerts Features

Get timely notifications about weather events that could impact your business. Our alerts are tailored to your industry and provide advanced warning or immediate notification, depending on the severity and timing of the event. Stay informed and prepared to minimize disruptions and protect your operations.

Weather Alerts allow you to:

  • Track various weather phenomena
  • Receive weather insights tailored for your industry
  • Use multiple data sources for the highest accuracy

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