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1. What is Enterprise?

Enterprise subscription is OpenWeatherr`s high-level weather data solution that was designed specifically for demanding commercial applications.

It is most appropriate for businesses expecting a future-proof solution that:

- allows them to access a wide range of weather tools that can be used very intensively;
- provides high availability of service (up to 99.9%) + SLA;
- offers exceptional, quick technical support and advice on best practices;
- enables an option to discuss functionality customisations or customisable end-user agreements, tuned to the need of a specific project.

This document serves as a guide and lists all the things that need to be considered to efficiently start an Enterprise-level weather data project with OpenWeather.


2. Features and price

Enterprise subscription is an advanced solution that provides access to the complete functionality and is flexible in tools that it offers to the user. There is a wide range of features that are already included in Enterprise subscription, however, depending on requirements of your specific project, further extensions/customisations can be included at additional cost (see “Extensions to Enterprise subscription” section).

2.1 Enterprise subscription

Below list indicates features that are included in our Enterprise subscription.

Included APIs:

- Current Weather API
- Minute precipitation forecast
- Hourly forecast for 4 days API
- 3-hourly forecast for 5 days API
- Daily forecast for 16 days API
- Climatic forecast for 30 days API
- Air Pollution API
- UV Index API
- Weather Triggers API
- Relief maps, Weather maps 1.0 and Weather Maps 2.0 APIs
- Global Precipitation Maps Historical data
- Global Precipitation Maps Historical & Forecast data
- Road Risk API (basic configuration) - highly customisable tool, made with needs of automotive industry in mind
- Geocoding API
- Weather Dashboard

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Limit on number of API requests: 200,000 API requests/minute

Availability of service: 99.9%

Support: Highest priority support via helpdesk and access to a dedicated account manager

Licence Agreement: Partnership is based on standard OpenWeather`s end-user licence agreement. If your team requires customisable conditions (e.g., your MSA or other set of documents), please refer to the “Extensions of Enterprise subscription” section below.

2.2 Trial agreements, building PoC with Enterprise subscription.

If your team intends to build a PoC solution that implies using the functionality we outlined above but cannot yet justify the full cost of Enterprise subscription, we would be glad to find ways to cooperate.

Please reach out to our team at info@openweathermap.org and share the requirements/timeline of your projects.

3. Extensions of Enterprise subscription

Be it custom API functionality, flexible agreement conditions or something else, we approach every Enterprise project individually and will be glad to offer our expertise along the way. Extensions are offered on top of Enterprise subscription, at additional cost.

Extensions that we can offer:

- Customisation of API functionality. If your team requires adjusting our existing tools, you are more than welcome to share your ideas. This can be anything from adding new weather parameters to building a completely new API specifically for your project. Just to give you an idea, you will find a few examples that we have assisted with before in the section below.
- Customisation of OpenWeather end-user agreement. Our standard end-user licence agreement allows you to use OW`s data and tools commercially. If you would like OW to consider adjustments to its conditions, please share your proposal with us for a review. In this scenario, we, first, agree on the final set of necessary adjustments/conditions that your team requires and, as soon as this is done, we issue an offer on top of the Enterprise licence price.
- Customer`s set of documents. If it is more convenient for your team to create partnerships based on pre-approved MSA`s or other standardised documentation, please let us know.
- Custom service/support options. Please share your exact requirements and we will discuss how they can be met.
- Complex integrations with your own IT system. OpenWeather will be glad to offer its expertise in integration projects; please let us know if this is something you consider.

Examples of customised features:

- Reporting (custom reports that match your criteria);
- New weather parameters, custom API format (aggregation, statistics, filters etc.),
- Custom Bulk Download. Standard Bulk Download feature implies that you do not need to call an API to collect weather information. Instead, OpenWeather regularly collects this data for a fixed list of global locations and uploads the archive to our servers. Data is then updated with regular frequency and can be accessed via Bulk Download.

If you would like us to collect data for your custom list of locations, at custom time and frequency (e.g., your network of stores on an hourly basis), we will be glad to assist.
- Email triggers. Setting up custom email messages (e.g., to local offices/management teams) to be notified once certain weather conditions are met at their locations.
- Push vs Pull. As opposed to requesting data via API (pulling data), our tools can send this data to you (e.g., push notifications).

4. Other subscriptions for software developers (open licence)

OpenWeather provides its services to a wide range of users, starting from research organisations, students, governmental bodies and up to professional developers and enterprises. The tools that we offer are just as diverse as they are - each serves its specific need, be it to build a global sales forecast model for organisation or for a new developer to create his first app.

We divide our subscriptions into 2 groups. While Enterprise serves demanding projects or large organisations, the second set of subscriptions (listed below) is suitable for smaller companies or enquiries from software developers. These subscriptions are there to assist companies and individuals with running their projects whilst also serving the purpose of increasing awareness of weather data in each respective industry.

As opposed to Enterprise subscriptions (where data is provided based on OW`s own end-user licence agreement), these smaller subscriptions are offered only on the basis of open licences and public T&C`s. To be specific, these require adhering to the open Creative Commons/ODbL licence (links below) and users must give attribution to OpenWeather in the visible part of the solution. Additionally, “Share Alike“ principle requires that any derivative works that the user creates should also be distributed based on these open licences.

licence for maps, APIs, other products

Open licence for data and database

5. Privacy and data protection

OpenWeather`s weather platform is fully GDPR-compliant and does not require excessive data in order to be fully functional. If needed, you are more than welcome to review our Privacy Policy to see specific details.

A couple key points about the data that we collect:

- OpenWeather does not collect data about customers of its own customers. We provide services directly to an end-user that purchases a subscription. Hence, all information that is collected only relates to the use of service by that specific account.
- You can find a detailed list of all things that we collect by visiting this link. As you will notice, OW gathers relatively basic information about your use of the service (e.g., number of API requests made to specific API from a specific API key, billing info that you provided) to identify you amongst other customers, deliver the service, bill you correctly and/or provide you with technical support.

Most likely, we have already helped with a project like yours.

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