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Weather significantly impacts businesses across almost every industry, with adverse events often leading to substantial insurance claims. From cold-weather crop damage to logistical disruptions caused by extreme winds or precipitation, weather poses significant risks. OpenWeather provides comprehensive data collections and or a tailored solutions to help you accurately assess potential risks and past events with our climate insights.

Weather shouldn’t take you by surprise. Get the analytic and insights you need with OpenWeather.

How Weather Affects the Industry


increase in adverse
weather events
from 1970 to 2019


million is the value
of weather-related
damage claims in 2024 in the UK


Severe weather is
the top global risk
identified by the WEF



OpenWeather’s Advanced Weather Model provides granular, location-specific weather insights. By integrating these insights, insurance firms can navigate the complexities of climate risks, which is crucial given the increasing frequency of environmental disasters.

Aligning with OpenWeather solutions allows insurers to set more accurate pricing and premiums, enhancing profitability and ensuring resilience and responsiveness in an evolving climate landscape.


Fraud Prevention

In the UK, motor insurance continues to account for the largest volume of fraud cases, representing around 59% of total insurance claims. By generating models of probable damage based on precise weather events, claim adjusters can pinpoint discrepancies in reported damages.

Identifying claims that deviate significantly from predicted patterns enables insurers to isolate potential fraud cases for deeper scrutiny, enhance operational efficiency, and protect the financial integrity of insurance enterprises.


Parametric Insurance

Weather data is essential for mitigating natural disasters risks, especially using parametric insurance. OpenWeather's insights and forecasting capabilities enable effective risk mitigation, which ensures safety and operational efficiency.

Stay at the forefront of financial market capabilities with OpenWeather data and analytics.


Data Modelling

Data and AI can reveal numerous previously unseen business insights. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilising the latest climate technologies to uncover new business opportunities.

Leverage OpenWeather's extensive expertise in machine learning modelling and AI capabilities to discover unique solutions tailored to your needs.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data experts will provide tailored reports and analytics to your specific questions. Customised to your location and application, only receive the information you need.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.


Life Insurance

Adverse weather conditions and specific environmental parameters, e.g. increased air pollution or constant heat waves, can pose personal health risks, which directly impact an individual's wellbeing.

Integrating OpenWeather analytics into life insurance processes can enhance the accuracy of risk assessments and insurance claims, ensuring more precise life protection measures.

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