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Unexpected weather events can significantly impact the timing, quality, and safety of planned deliveries. Heavy rainfall, icy roads, and poor visibility all increase the chances of logistics disruption. To address these challenges, OpenWeather provides comprehensive data packages and tailored solutions designed to empower your logistics operations.

By utilising OpenWeather's data and analytics, you can ensure prompt and effective logistics while minimising risks to your drivers.

How Weather Affects the Industry


of annual motor vehicle
accidents are caused by
hazardous weather conditions


of all route delays
happen due to weather
conditions, resulting in
$23 billion loss (U.S.)


average industry
savings from employing
climate data and analytics


Route Planning

By utilising OpenWeather's climate insights and analytics, you can navigate and plan your routes according to weather conditions, ensuring that weather never impacts your schedule.

Use proactive management solutions and ensure maximum efficiency with OpenWeather insights.


Driver Safety

Climate has a direct impact on driver safety. OpenWeather assists by providing timely climate alerts and insights, ensuring that bad weather never catches your drivers by surprise.

Ensure maximum safety and driver satisfaction along the route with OpenWeather analytics.


Warehouse Management

Climate can not only delay driving but also directly influence the loading and unloading of cargo. The possibility of flooding, extreme wind, or heatwaves can damage goods and impact employees' health.

Make sure weather never catches you off guard at any step of the logistics process with OpenWeather data and analytics.


Data Modelling

Data and AI can reveal numerous previously unseen business insights in the logistics industry. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilising the latest climate technologies to uncover new, tailored to your business opportunities.

Leverage OpenWeather's extensive expertise in machine learning modelling and AI capabilities to innovate your approach to Logistics.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data experts will provide tailored reports, analytics, and consultations to meet your specific needs in the logistics industry. Customised to your business application, you will receive only the information you truly need.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.


Last-mile Delivery

Whether it is the timing of the delivery or its quality, climate has a direct impact on both. By utilising OpenWeather’s climate insights, you can navigate city transport links to find the best routes and reward drivers who work under adverse weather conditions.

Ensure the best service and employee satisfaction with OpenWeather.

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