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At OpenWeather climate insights fuel energy sector success. We provide both comprehensive data packages and tailored solutions to empower your operational efficiency and decision-making.

Experience our industry-leading insights and machine learning expertise to enhance your energy production and ensure maximum reliability.

How Weather Affects the Industry


increase in clean energy
investments since 2021


of major power outages are caused by
adverse weather conditions


of global electricity
by renewable energy in 2028


Renewable Energy

Employ OpenWeather’s energy insights. Our solutions optimise solar and wind power generation and help you navigate the complex energy market with confidence.

Predict energy supply and demand, ensure unparalleled reliability and more with OpenWeather’s insights.


Grid Management

Grid stability depends on accurate weather predictions. OpenWeather provides the precision and foresight you need to ensure reliable power delivery and efficient operations.

Utilise OpenWeather's solutions, to receive timely notifications and prepare your operations when needed.


Long-term Investments

OpenWeather's extensive historical data archive, along with long-range forecasts powered by a hyperlocal ML model, provides the insights you need for market success.

Use OpenWeather's tailored insights to make weather-driven investment decisions with confidence.


Risk Management

Unpredictable weather poses a significant threat to businesses across industries. Protect your assets with OpenWeather’s comprehensive weather data tools.

Consult directly with meteorology experts or leverage our climatic data and insights to ensure adverse weather risk is minimised.


Data Modelling

Data and AI can reveal numerous business insights previously unseen. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilizing the latest technologies.

Leverage OpenWeather's extensive knowledge in ML modeling and AI capabilities to discover unique solutions for you.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data experts will provide tailored reports to your specific questions. Customised to your location and application, only receive the information you need.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.

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Suggested products

Historical Weather

Assess long-term climate trends, inform investment decisions, and mitigate weather-related risks.

Current and Forecast

Anticipate fluctuations in energy production, stabilise grid management and integration, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

One Call API 3.0

Access hyper-local, minute-by-minute forecasts to make real-time adjustments, ensuring stability and meeting fluctuating energy industry needs.

Solar Irradiance

Evaluate site potential, forecast energy output, and optimize solar panel installations with hyper-localized solar radiation data.

Meteorological Service

Embrace the confidence of emergency readiness and the foresight for long-term planning with our experts in Meteorology.

Weather maps

Beautiful multi-layer maps that create visual perception of weather. Visualise your risks and be prepared.

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