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Road Risk API

Achieve effective planning of the routes schedule and fuel consumption.

Product features

Experience the power of our Road Risk API! Tailored for the logistics and delivery sectors, it's your key to slashing weather-related delays and boosting fuel efficiency.

This easy-to-use and versatile API provides detailed weather insights and national alerts at every route juncture and final stop. Supplying minute granularity, weather alerts, as well as forecasts for the destination point, our Road Risk API can easily be incorporated into a wide range of logistics and route planning applications.


Weather alerts &
road conditions






From minute to hourly


Current, Forecasts & History weather data

Air temperature, precipitation intensity, wind speed and other weather data are available for current, 5 days forecast and 1 year historical data for your route

Granularity from minute to hourly

Minute granularity for the 2 hours period from the current moment and hourly granularity for the remaining time

National alerts

Severe weather alerts from government meteo agencies are provided for each point of destination and along the route

Road conditions

For the US and EU territories, we also provide road surface temperature and black ice probability

We also provide wide range of weather products, with different forecast depths, weather parameters and rich historical data. Please consider our Current & Forecast and Historical data collections.

How to start?

  1. Sign up to our service if you haven't got OpenWeather API key yet.

  2. Simply contact us to subscribe to the Road Risk API. Please note that the Road Risk API is included in the Enterprise package plan.

  3. Set your route indicating the geographical coordinates of waypoints and the estimated time of arrival via the API call to get the weather data and national alerts for the point of destination and along the route in the API response.

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