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We are proud to provide accurate and precise weather data for corporate industries and educational and research institutes, trusted by many companies and professionals globally.

HILTI Corporation

Manufacturing company

"We chose OpenWeather as their solution was a perfect fit for our operational needs, as well as meeting the Hilti SaaS standards (DPA, Availability, Support). The OpenWeather data is now integrated into our operational processes.
The OpenWeather solution has helped us minimize costs, and select the most appropriate transport service by avoiding costly solutions such as reefer containers, express shipments, isolation packaging, etc.
We would certainly recommend OpenWeather as we found it easy to integrate and work with their solution."

Oliver Weich
Global Process Manager Distribution


Advertising company

"We have been working with OpenWeather since 2019, when the integration was done and has been running ever since without needing any updates so far.
By integrating OpenWeather Bulk Download into Splicky, we empower our clients to utilize dynamic creatives that adapt to the current weather conditions and temperature. This capability enables them to precisely target their desired audience at the optimal moment.
Additionally, programmatic campaigns offer a cost-saving advantage through their "stop&go" feature. Advertisers can avoid displaying irrelevant ads, like ice cream promotions on cloudy days, saving valuable resources."

Aljoscha Fuchs
Director Business Dev Splicky


Agriculture application

"Over the last 4 or 5 years, farmers have become increasingly concerned about the unpredictable impact of the El Nino/LA Nino weather phenomenon on monsoon rainfall. With the help of OpenWeather, we have incorporated next 16 day weather forecast on Krushik app. We found OpenWeather data to be very easy to integrate into our system using Geo coordinates.
Using our app, farmers have been able to plan their season - when to sow, spray, irrigate, fertilize the crop etc, and have added resilience to their farming during unseasonal rainfall. We can highly recommend the OpenWeather forecast service for agricultural apps due to its accuracy and ease of use."

Tejaswini Upadhye
Manager Weather

University of Innsbruck


"We recently used the One Call API 3.0 in a teaching project and were thoroughly impressed with its functionality and ease of use.
The students were assigned a project consisting of a browser-based weather application that would aggregate and display weather information to different users. The learning goal of the course was to teach the students design patterns and software architectures. Using a third-party API required the students to extend their knowledge of system design. Moreover, it trains problem-solving skills beyond understanding a specific programming language. Students must apply their problems to general documentation. Lastly, working with actual data was tempting to the students and differentiates our project from ones that consider artificial use cases for teaching purposes only.
As an instructor of an intermediate lecture, it is crucial that the used technologies are well documented and work as expected. OpenWeather's API was easy to invoke and well-documented, making it easy for me and my students to retrieve the necessary data.
Furthermore, their employees were helpful and supportive. Overall, I highly recommend OpenWeather's API to anyone looking for a reliable, user-friendly solution".

Philipp Gritsch
University Assistant - PhD candidate

MACHAPP Software Ltd

Software company

"Our collaboration with OpenWeather started at the early stages of their service, marking the beginning of a longstanding partnership. Our weather application, utilized globally, required the integration of an additional weather forecast source to enhance our services. OpenWeather emerged as a great choice, fulfilling our requirements through its comprehensive weather data solutions.
Over the years, OpenWeather has proven to be a reliable partner, continually expanding its service offerings to meet and exceed our evolving needs. We have witnessed firsthand the remarkable evolution of OpenWeather's services. Initially providing basic weather forecast APIs, it has progressively introduced an array of advanced features that include animated map overlays, detailed forecasts ranging from 3-hour and 1-hour predictions to minute-by-minute forecasts, air quality forecasts, weather warnings and more.
This evolution has significantly contributed to the enrichment of our application, enabling us to deliver precise and diversified weather information to our users worldwide. We look forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation for many more years, further enhancing the value we deliver to our users worldwide through the integration of OpenWeather's innovative and comprehensive weather data solutions".

Athos Perentos



"In March 2023 OpenWeather started to deliver weather data to FLIGHTKEYS, an Austrian-based global flight planning service provider.
FLIGHTKEYS focuses on state-of-the-art, user-friendly systems that provide the ultimate level of cost optimization and fully automated flight planning and inflight monitoring and integrate seamlessly into airline operations and ATM systems.
Using the Global Precipitation Maps service by OpenWeather FLIGHTKEYS gets current, forecast and historical global precipitation weather maps with a 10 minutes-step via the easy-to-work API, which allows to tailor weather briefings, take into consideration the weather hazards and predict weather challenges."

Georg Schiefer
Managing Director & Co-Founder

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