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Weather patterns are a major driver of consumer behaviour, making them an essential element in marketing strategies. We offer comprehensive datasets and personalised solutions to help you leverage data and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, leading to improved customer engagement.

By utilising OpenWeather's data and analytics, you can ensure your advertising strategies are responsive, targeted, efficient, and seasonal, minimising weather-related risks and maximising returns on investment.

How Weather Affects the Industry


increase in social media
engagement if the
sun doesn’t shine


of consumers change
their shopping habits
based on weather


of people prefer advertisements
that take weather
into consideration


Programmatic Advertising

Utilise climate data to enhance programmatic advertising campaigns by targeting users based on their location’s weather conditions. Deliver location-specific ads that promote winter wear during cold times or sunscreen during sunny spells. This ensures advertisements are relevant, increasing the likelihood of consumer engagement.

Optimise your budget, increase customer engagement, and ensure that advertising campaigns are always on target with OpenWeaher.


Maintenance Planning

Severe weather conditions such as extreme precipitation, strong winds, and heat waves can cause delays and disruptions to advertising maintenance operations. By adjusting billboard ad placements and repair schedules based on weather insights, you can avoid delays and ensure continuous visibility.

Utilising OpenWeather climate insights allows you to create efficient work schedules for your ad showcases and aids in making informed decisions.


Sustainable Advertising

One of the latest trends in sustainable advertising is the use of solar-powered billboards. OpenWeather is here to assist you on this transformative journey. We help you identify the optimal panel locations and angles, and predict future energy outputs to maximise efficiency.

By leveraging OpenWeather's climate data, you can ensure maximum energy efficiency and confidence in a new era of sustainable advertising.


Transit Advertising

Tailor your advertisements on public transportation and transit stops to match real-time weather conditions, ensuring your messages are contextually relevant. This approach makes your advertising more engaging and effective, capturing the attention of your audience.

With OpenWeather data and analytics, your campaign will always be relatable and visible, enhancing your overall advertising strategy.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data experts will provide tailored reports and analytics to your specific questions. Customised to your location and application, only receive the information you need.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.


Data Modelling

Data and AI can reveal numerous previously unseen business insights. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilising the latest climate technologies to uncover new business opportunities.

Leverage OpenWeather’s extensive expertise in machine learning modelling and AI capabilities to discover unique solutions tailored to your advertisement needs.

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