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Solar Irradiance & Energy Prediction service

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OpenWeather are thrilled to announce the launch of our Solar Irradiance & Energy Prediction service.

This comprises two elements:



5 km





Data step

15 minutes & 1 hour


Solar Irradiance API

This service supplies the solar irradiance data for any location on the globe with the following characteristics:

  • Each day contains daily solar irradiance aggregation for every day with 1 hour and 15 minutes step detalization for the requested day

  • Solar irradiance data (DNI, DHI, GHI) for both cloudy and clear sky models

  • Forecast for the next 15 days and historical data available from 1st January 1979

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Solar Panel Energy Prediction

Supplies data on the potential energy generation levels of your panels:

  • Create a location and link unlimited number of solar panels

  • Make an API call with created location to get historical, current and 15 days forecasts of energy prediction data by all linked solar panels

  • Data contains daily solar panel power output data for each solar panel with 1 hour and 15 minutes data steps. In addition each response includes essential solar irradiance data

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We also provide wide range of weather data, such as temperature, wind, humidity, etc. Please consider our Current & Forecast and Historical data collections.

Solar Irradiance API

Make your own energy prediction based on our data

Use this service to understand how much energy will reach the Earth surface (cloudy sky and clear sky). To leverage our advanced solar energy system, simply provide the exact coordinates of your solar battery location and the date of interest (future, current or past). Our system will then utilize this information to calculate highly accurate solar irradiance data (GHI, DHI, DNI) for both clear and cloudy sky models. This data is critical for optimizing the performance of your solar energy system and ensuring maximum efficiency. Based on this data you can make your own predictions for energy generation from your PVs.

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Solar Panel Energy Prediction

We make the final forecast of energy from the client's solar panels

Our cutting-edge IT service offers two powerful options for customers to accurately estimate their solar power generation and determine the energy output of each PV panel.

The first option provides convenient and quick estimates by assuming the energy volume with your solar panel parameters. Our platform allows you to easily input your PV panel parameters and receive an estimated energy volume output.

For more precise results, the second option utilizes our advanced ML technologies to calculate energy volume based on your specific PV panel's historical data. This option provides more accurate results than the first option and empowers you to optimize your solar energy production.

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