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Weather alerts collection

Weather alerts are meteorological events that are important to your industry. In case they may affect your business, you are notified about them in advance or immediately.

OpenWeather uses data from a number of global meteorological agencies to provide you with the most relevant, rapid warnings about critical weather phenomena.

Use our APIs to monitor conditions relevant to you or receive this via OpenWeather alerts or Global Weather Alerts push notification to obtain a global overview.

Products features based on OpenWeatherModel


from 500 m to 2 km



Data updates

Every 10 minutes


OpenWeather Alerts

OpenWeather cutting-edge platform goes beyond standard government alerts, incorporating precise forecasts and industry insights for a deeper understanding of weather impacts. From extreme temperatures to wind, floods, rain, fire warnings, fog, thunderstorms and more, we provide tailored alerts based on weather phenomena and our expertise.

One Call API

An universal API which provides access to the active national weather alerts for a location as well as current weather, minute, hourly, daily forecasts, weather data by timestamp from 45 years history archive till for 4 days ahead forecast, daily aggregation from 45 years history back till 1,5 years ahead forecast and AI generated weather summary.

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Global Weather Alerts
Push notifications

Get all the warnings from national weather agencies. Weather alerts are pushed to your endpoint as soon as they occur. Data feed provides all active weather alerts from the entire world. Each alert contents date, time, location, and detailed description.

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Weather Triggers Dashboard and API

The OpenWeather Dashboard is a lightweight and flexible visual tool for our customers who would like to be notified weather events to make informed decisions and plan actions based on the weather input. You can always set up your own triggers via API and get timely notifications.

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Global Precipitation Maps Historical & Forecast data

Minute-by-minute radar-based precipitation maps, with available historical data for the previous 2 days, current and forecast weather (next 6 hours for the US, next 2 hours for global areas). These maps are updated every 10 minutes.

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Above product are out-of-the-box solutions that are available immediately. If you prefer these adjusted in some way for your specific implementation, please consider our customisation services.

This can be anything from adding a new parameter or slightly changing the format of data up to building a completely new custom API or integrating with your system.
We are open to discussion.

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Behind our data, there is quite a lot of things going on. We use state-of-the-art ML to ensure maximum accuracy, at a global level. Want to learn more?

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