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We develop effective tools to provide businesses with easy, smart solutions that cover complete spectrum of weather data needs. Global coverage.

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The team behind

OpenWeather is a team of IT experts that create essential weather products, meticulously tuned to the needs of global businesses.

Headquarted in London, UK

Corportate integration projects is something that we are very familiar with. They tend to be needlessly complex and exceed budget expectations. This is why we approach them differently

OpenWeather products are all ready-to-use and allow to minimise customers’ integration costs.

Does your team require a more customizable solution? We will be delighted to discuss individual customisation of our tools, to sharpen them for you specific project.

Weather data

What we deliver

Ready-to-use weather products and data streams

Global knowledge of weather for any geographical location

Fast and reliable APIs support industry standards

Flexible integration into complex IT systems

Ideal for ML analytical systems

Transparent pricing, data and technologies


Our tools are regularly utilised across the number of industries and we will be glad to share industry-specific expertise. Here are some use cases we have helped with previously:


Employment of historical weather data to verify claims at the time of insurance event. Management of existing risks via forecasts and current weather data.

Retail analytics

Sales prediction models in weather sensitive industries (food, beverage, entertainment). Complex analysis of weather impact on a particular business/project.


Accurate, data driven prediction of energy supply and demand. Enabling trading advice, based on insights from forecasted weather data.


Fast and convenient monitoring of current weather and damaging weather conditions (frost, thunderstorm, etc. etc.) at fields, allowing farmers to minimize risks of loss and creating more efficient farming practics.


Short-term forecasts to set up severe weather alerts for efficient route planning and minimizing risks of loss (delay/cargo damage).

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What we offer

Key features of our products

  • Weather products portfolio: History (>40 years), Forecasts (short terms and long terms; minutely, hourly, daily), Current weather
  • Weather parameters: Temperature, precipitation, probability of precipitation, humidity, feels like, pressure, cloudiness, wind, visibility, etc.
  • Availability: Any geographical location | Global coverage
  • API: Pull and push for all products | Industry standards | Fast, reliable, simple syntax

  • Out-of-the-box products

    Advanced weather products

    Road Risks, Minutely forecast for the next 6 hours, Push/pull alerts, Time Machine for recreating weather data for any location/any second in the past

    Our special products

    Forecasting model: We use proprietary convolutional neural network that is being fed a wide range of data sources to cover any location and consider the local nuances of climate.

    Data sources: national meteorological agencies (NOAA, Environment Canada, Met Office, etc.); 82,000 weather stations spread globally; weather radars; weather satellites, and others.

    Accuracy: 99 %

    Resolution: 500 m


    Weather data

    Historical, current and forecasted weather for any location on the globe

    Time range: Historical data for 40 years back, current weather and different forecasts. Minute, hourly, and daily forecasts are available for a different time period, from a few hours (minute forecast), up to a year ahead (climate forecast).

    Essential weather parameters: Temperature, precipitation, probability of precipitation, humidity, feels like, pressure, cloudiness, wind, etc.

    Availability: Any geographical location | Global coverage

    API: Pull and push for all products | Industry standards | Fast, reliable, simple syntax

    Weather data

    Up-to-minute forecast

    We forecast start and end of precipitation with a minute accuracy, up to 6 hours

    Coverage: Global

    Accuracy: 99 %

    Resolution: 500 m


    National Weather Alerts

    Weather alert notifications from majority of national weather warning systems worldwide.

    Parameters: coordinates of the area for where alert is assigned, alert category such as Safety, Security, Rescue, Fire, Health, Transport; urgency, severity, start and end time, national agency name and others.

    Weather data

    Custom triggers and notifications

    Do not wish to call an API? We are able to push events to your system only for those locations and conditions (e.g temperature,wind, precipitation reaching a certain threshold) that interest you.

    ‘The wind speed over the next hour will be over 10 m/s’

    ‘The rain will start in 15 min and last for 30 min’

    or alerts that triggered by customized rules (if temperature, precipitation etc. reach a specific threshold etc.)


    Weather maps

    Global Precipitation Maps based on radar data and satellite data weather forecast for the next hour, current state, history for the previous day; 10 min updates.

    Other global map layers: Current, forecasted and historical Temperature, Pressure, Wind speed, Clouds, and others (15 layers in total)

    OpenWeather mobile app

    is based on OpenWeather data and uses short term minute forecast

    Weather data

    Road Risk API

    This tool is specifically designed for logistics and delivery businesses to enable effective planning of the routes’ schedule and fuel consumption. It is flexibly configured to provide detailed weather information along the route with minute granularity, alerts, push notifications and forecasts for the destination point.

  • Forecast up to 5 days ahead; history over 5 recent days
  • Minute accuracy for the first 2 hours
  • Return weather data for destination points along a route with lat lon and estimated time of arrival to that point
  • Parameters: Temperature, wind, precipitation, visibility, pressure, humidity, dew point + national alerts

    Road Risk API requires individual configuration and estimate; basic configuration is available for the Enterprise license holders

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    Our special products

    Road Risk API

    Min by min forecast for 2h; hour by hour forecast for 5d; national alerts.

    4h minutely forecast

    Minute by minute accuracy up to 4 hours

    Push/pull alerts

    National weather alerts that provide detailed inform ation on extreme events.

    Time Machine

    Recreating weather conditions for any location, for any minute in the past.

    Air Quality API

    Air Quality current data, forecast, and short term history, all with hour granularity

    AI and satellite imagery

    Agriculture analytics

    Based on large amount of processing satellite and climate data, we provide analytical reports and detailed datasets for crop monitoring:

    • Crop map (soy, corn, wheat, etc.)
    • Recognised field boundaries
    • Vegetation indicies statistics by each recognised field
    • Climate data for regions and particular field
    • Soil and weather data
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    AI and satellite imagery

    Agro Dashboard

    Dashboard is a visual service where you can easily work with satellite imagery and weather data for your fields. It is the visual demonstration of the data we provide through our Agro API:

    • New satellite imagery every 2-4 days
    • Historical satellite data archive
    • Vegetation indices and Historical NDVI chart
    • Current, Forecast and Historical weather data
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    We will be delighted to discuss how we can help you to address your requirements

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