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Meteorological Service

Our Meteorological Service is designed to provide tailored consultations and precise weather insights for a broad range of industries, ensuring you receive the exact information you need. Whether it's optimising route schedules, improving safety measures, or reducing operational costs, our Meteorological Service equips you with the tools to navigate weather-related challenges effectively.

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Current and forecasts

This set of services allows you to either monitor real-time conditions at the location or request forecasts for them.

Forecasts are divided into several products - next-minute, hourly, daily and long-rage climate forecasts.

Data can be requested via APIs, via Bulk Download or via any custom delivery channel.

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Historical weather

We offer 43+ years of historical data, with rich, multi-parameter data available for any location. This includes historical actuals and historical forecasts (previous forecasts).

Data can be requested via APIs, via Bulk Download or via any custom delivery channel.

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Weather alerts

OpenWeather uses data from a number of global meteorological agencies to provide you with the most relevant, rapid warnings about critical weather phenomena.

Use our services to monitor conditions relevant to you or receive this via OpenWeather Alerts or Global Weather Alerts push notification to receive a global overview.

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Weather maps

Beautiful multi-layer maps which create the visual perception of weather. Choose from a set of OpenWeather Model layers - wind, temperature, pressure, and others - or select radar data for a detailed precipitation picture.

Includes both current, forecast and historical data.

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Solar Irradiance & Energy Prediction service

Historical, current and forecast solar irradiance data and solar panels output prediction. Predict energy generation levels before installation or identify and fix issues with current solar panels.

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Road Risk API

This tool is specifically designed for logistics and delivery businesses to enable effective planning of the routes` schedule and fuel consumption. It is flexibly configured to provide detailed weather information along the route with minute granularity, alerts, push notifications and forecasts for the destination point.

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Fire Weather Index

Achieve a greener and safer future, avoid forest damage and reduce air pollution with this accurate service that is designed to help users estimate the current and forecast danger of fire.

OpenWeather offers universal and industry-specific weather data tools that have been created and polished with feedback from our clients in mind. Alternatively, we are happy to discuss customisations and complex implementations.

This can be anything from adding a new parameter or slightly changing the format of data up to building a completely new custom API or integrating with your system.
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