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Fire Weather Index

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Forests provide one of the most important carbon sinks to mitigate climate change. With increasing global temperatures, forests and other wooded areas are becoming more susceptible to wildfires. These fires release carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating the effects of climate change, damaging forest ecosystems, and creating dangerous levels of air pollution. The worst forest fires this century were witnessed is 2021, causing 9.3 million hectares of tree cover loss globally.

Having combined our technical expertise with our vision for a greener future, we are thrilled to announce our new Fire Weather Index product - designed to help users to estimate current and forecast fire danger.



5 days



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Fire Weather Index is a numerical rating of the potential frontal fire intensity and indicates fire intensity by combining the rate of fire spread with the amount of fuel being consumed.

Fire Weather Index API

The API allows getting the numerical values of the fire weather index which is accounting the effects of fuel moisture and weather conditions on fire behaviour.

Current fire index and forecast for 5 days ahead

Apart from particular index value, it is classified in 6 classes of danger according to the European Forest Fire Information System*.

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Fire Weather Maps API

The Fire Weather Maps API is a visual display of the Fire Weather Index API and helps users to build your own interactive maps.

Maps support current fire index and forecast for 5 days ahead.

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We also provide wide range of weather data, such as temperature, wind, humidity, etc. Please consider our Current & Forecast and Weather Alerts collections.

* European Forest Fire Information System

Fire danger class number Fire danger class name Fire Weather Index ranges
0 Very low <5.2
1 Low 5.2-11.2
2 Moderate 11.2-21.3
3 High 21.3-38.0
4 Very high 38.0-50.0
5 Extreme ≥50

How to start?

  1. Sign up to our service if you haven't got OpenWeather API key yet.

  2. Please contact us to learn more about pricing subscription and how to get access.

  3. Read our tech documentation on Fire Weather Index API and Fire Weather Maps API.

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