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At OpenWeather, we know how weather shapes consumer buying behavior and drives critical decisions within the retail industry. From comprehensive data sets to personalised strategies, OpenWeather delivers the accurate weather insights and retail-specific solutions you need to streamline operations and make smarter choices.

Make weather be your most insightful marketing advisor, transforming every event into an opportunity.

How Weather Affects the Industry


in UK retail sales could shift
due to a 1°C temperature change


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of consumers change their
shopping habits based on climate


Demand Forecasting

Weather conditions significantly influence buying behaviour, boosting demand for certain products while diminishing interest in others. Harness the power of weather data in retail to predict customer demand accurately.

Utilise OpenWeather data and analytics to refine your demand forecasts and ensure that weather conditions work in your favour.


Operational Decision-making

Sudden severe weather can damage retail spaces and inventory, leading to leaks through open windows or damage to outdoor displays and products. This may necessitate expenses such as restocking and maintenance.

Employ OpenWeather insight to always stay one step ahead of bad weather.


Personalised Marketing

Optimise your retail strategies with OpenWeather's weather analytics. Tailor your marketing efforts to local weather conditions—feature swimwear and sunscreen in sunny areas, and cosy jackets in cooler climates.

Enhance customer engagement by aligning your promotions with the weather.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data experts will provide tailored reports and analytics to your specific questions. Customised to your location and application, only receive the information you need.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.


Logistical Planning

Severe weather conditions such as icy roads, floods, and poor visibility can cause significant delays in supply chains and directly impact product logistics. Hence, reduce customer satisfaction.

Utilise OpenWeather climate insights to protect your delivery operations from unexpected events and make informed decisions.


Data Modelling

Data and AI can reveal numerous previously unseen business insights. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilising the latest climate technologies to uncover new business opportunities.

Leverage OpenWeather's extensive expertise in machine learning modelling and AI capabilities to discover unique solutions tailored to your needs.

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