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Understand weather-related risks and manage them effectively.

The insurance industry is reliant on the clear understanding and proactive management of risks and rewards. Assessing this can only be done by having a relevant, high-quality overview of past and future incidents.

Use hyperlocal data
“High-wind” weather means different things in different places. OpenWeather Model allows users to work with detailed weather information that considers local nuances of climate.

Rich historical archive
43+ years of historical data allow in-depth review of past weather phenomena, including extreme weather phenomena.

Multi-parameter data, all at once.
Risk factors are dependent on concrete weather metrics. Work with a complete picture of weather situation and use a rich set of essential weather parameters - wind, temperature (with “feels like”), pressure, and many others.


Optimise your operations to meet the demand, where and when needed.

From changes to foot traffic and supply chain disruptions to higher operational costs and proactive safety management - it is clear that weather conditions can have a direct impact on retail businesses, both on high streets and in digital mediums. OpenWeather has a rich product line that allows our customer to understand, analyse and manage relevant metrics.

Understand the past to manage the future

Hyperlocal multi-parameter data ensures that you have a complete overview of weather conditions your business has, or will be, exposed to. 43-year historical archive, combined with real-time monitoring tools and state-of-the-art forecasts are just a few products from our product line that can help.

Avoid unnecessary risks
Uncontrolled weather risk creates a direct impact on the safety of consumers. There is no need to wait for the storm to happen - proactively manage these risks by working with governmental alerts that are relevant to your locations.

Deliver data to those that need it
Receiving the data via API isn`t the only option. OpenWeather can text, e-mail, push-notify and upload this information where you need it the most.


Travel safely, quickly and sustainably.

Getting somewhere on time is often easier said than done. Often external conditions, such as that 40-minute traffic jam or intense snowfall outside the window dictate whether one is going to make it to its holiday flight or whether the inventory of the nearest bakery will be ready by tomorrow morning. While we can`t really do anything about the traffic, accounting for weather is definitely doable.

Specialised automotive solutions

Road Risk API is a highly customisable weather product that informs about the past, current and forecast weather conditions on the route of a vehicle. Additionally, its alerts feature allows to warn driver of high-risk zones ahead.

Global data, essential set of parameters
All of our products offer an essential set of parameters - precipitation, wind speed and direction, visibility, temperature and others.

Intuitive understanding
Our beautiful multi-layered weather maps create an intuitive, visual perception of weather phenomena around the vehicle`s location. They can be integrated into the navigation app or into the dashboard of a vehicle.

Suggested products:

Road Risk API, Weather maps, Alerts


Ensure that your operations are predictable.

Whether you are building a weather-sensitive energy output prediction model or managing a solar farm, weather can introduce unnecessary uncertainty in almost any part of your operations. Our industry-specific products are designed to prevent that.

Solar Irradiance & Energy Prediction service

It's important to be capable of calculating your own solar panels' energy generation and predicting it. Our service allows predicting energy generation from particular solar panels before installation or checking the energy generation levels to identify problems with current solar panels.

Multi-parameter data
Energy production can be affected by different weather variables, such as wind, temperature or pressure. All of this information (and more) is available via APIs.

We offer historical datasets that include both historical actuals and historical forecasts. These can be fed to the ML model to train it and/or increase its predictive qualities.


Grow your business, with best-in-class data on board.

There is a number of datasets that can complement your farming operations - from soil data, to satellite-imagery to weather data. In fact, we have built a separate platform for precision farming applications.

Agriculturally-relevant data

Agro API platform provides access to essential agricultural datasets - soil data, satellite imagery (and indices such as NDVI, EVI), weather data.

Complete overview
Register all your fields with us and analyse their state via set of APIs or via more visual Dashboard.

Crop map
For ease of use, we recognise field boundaries and define the crop type that grows there. All the datasets available on the platform can be provided for each individual field.

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