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Weather conditions significantly affect agricultural productivity, influencing everything from crop health to irrigation requirements. To address these challenges, OpenWeather provides comprehensive data packages and tailored solutions designed to empower agricultural operations.

By utilising OpenWeather’s data and analytics, you can ensure optimal farming practices, improve crop yields, and minimise weather-related risks.

How Weather Affects the Industry

of global crop yield variability
occurs due to weather,
affecting food systems globally


billion annual losses
in US agriculture
due to natural disasters


average crop yield
reduction due to climate
change by 2050


Crop Monitoring

Using OpenWeather’s satellite imagery, weather data and analytics, you can monitor crop health, growth stages, and soil conditions, ensuring timely intervention and maximised crop yields.

Leveraging OpenWeather data and analytics, you can make informed decisions quickly, and adapt to changing conditions, ensuring operations are constantly ahead of the weather curve.


Irrigation Management

OpenWeather provides precise weather forecasts that help optimise irrigation schedules, ensuring efficient water use and healthy crops. This reduces water wastage and enhances crop productivity.

Accurate forecasts enable allocation of water resources efficiently, significantly reducing costs and environmental impact, ensuring crops receive what they need to thrive.


Pest and Disease Control

Climate insights enable the prediction and management of pest and disease outbreaks by identifying environmental conditions such as high humidity and temperature ranges that attract these threats.

Using OpenWeather data and analytics, you can apply treatments and preventative measures only when necessary, reducing chemical use and supporting eco-friendly farming practices.


Risk Management

Incorporating risk management into agricultural processes is crucial, given the unpredictability of extreme weather events. Climate data and analytics allow users to enhance their strategies effectively mitigating risks from storms, droughts, heat waves and other events.

Using OpenWeather, you can ensure safety and operational efficiency, safeguarding your income and assets in a volatile climate.


Data Modelling

Data and analytics and AI can reveal numerous previously unseen agricultural insights. Stay at the forefront of progress and innovation by utilising the latest climate technologies to uncover new agricultural opportunities.

Leverage OpenWeather's extensive expertise in machine learning modelling and AI capabilities to discover unique solutions tailored to the needs of the farming industry.


Customised Reports

Our meteorology and data and analytics experts will provide tailored reports and analytics to your specific agricultural needs. Customised to your location and crop requirements, only receive the information necessary for your operations.

Enjoy personalised service and support to make sure that weather is working on your side.

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Meteorological Service

Embrace the confidence of emergency readiness and the foresight for long-term planning with our experts in Meteorology.

Historical Weather

Assess long-term climate trends, inform investment decisions, and mitigate weather-related risks.

Current and Forecast

Anticipate fluctuations in energy production, stabilise grid management and integration, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Global Weather Alerts

We provide you with the most relevant and rapid warnings about critical weather phenomena.

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