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About us

OpenWeather is based in London, UK and has been providing its weather data services since 2014. Our team is composed of highly experienced, passionate and bright individuals, with competencies and rich experience in modern meteorology, software development and enterprise integration projects.

OpenWeather`s commercial operations go hand in hand with non-profit, charitable activities that we support. We promote global accessibility of weather data and FOSS philosophy by actively supporting projects of such type. Be it an educational project, a student building a first weather app or a researcher working on a promising study, we work closely with our user community.

How to find us

The company`s office is located in ‘Gherkin’ building, right in the heart of City of London.

Address: 30 St Mary`s Axe, The City Of London, London, Greater London, EC3A 8BF, United Kingdom

Email: info@openweathermap.org

Our Mission

While we are all moving to the future, we want it to stay clear and green.

Being a technological company with high competencies and rich experience in modern meteorology and software development we are responsible for contributing to sustainable products and services with our data.

We are dedicated to facilitate easy access to weather data and to instigate interest in data-science and climatology.

Our mission is to help companies to face the future trends and challenges with confidence, using OpenWeather accurate and precise weather data.

Our commitment to sustainability is centered on offering straightforward access to weather data, fostering a deeper understanding of data science and climatology. We emphasise the green, ethical side of technology, ensuring that our approach to data remains clear, open, and environmentally responsible. By keeping our data open and accessible, we empower companies to face environmental challenges while staying committed to green practices.

Explore Sustainability Mission

OpenWeather Social Initiatives


We created a hub of bright ideas accumulated in one place! Students and educators from all over the world may obtain a free 6-month access to the OpenWeather`s product packages data to be used in their research projects. The more people who have access to the climate data, the larger potential it may unleash.


COVID-19 revealed the healthcare risks our society continues to face. We would like to carry on supporting the independent research groups that tackle down the current healthcare challenges. The least we could do is to provide a free access to our Medium plan for Historical Weather Collection which includes the atmospheric parameters to consider in modelling the COVID-19 behaviour.

Open Source

Developers across the world benefit from the Open Source software ecosystem and OpenWeather is not an exception. While influenced by the platforms like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, we have used the Open Source software in the foundation of our platform. To inspire the Open Source developers and to facilitate the accessibility of weather data, we choose to gear up those who contribute to the Open Source infrastructure.

Weather stations

Join us! If you also believe in the significance of climate data in tackling climate and healthcare challenges and would like to contribute to our initiatives, then we invite you to connect your automated weather station to our platform. The accuracy of weather data benefits from enthusiasts from all over the world and we reward these contributions with our Startup plan for free.

Our values

At our company, we are guided by three core values: passion, intelligence, and responsibility. These values shape our culture, guide our decision-making, and help us achieve our goals.


We are passionate about what we do. We believe that passion is the fuel that drives creativity, innovation, and excellence. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone can pursue their passions, and where our collective passion for our work inspires us to achieve great things.


We believe in the power of intelligence. We hire talented people and provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed. We value intelligence in all its forms, from book smarts to street smarts, and we encourage our team members to continuously learn and grow.


We take responsibility for our work and our results. We believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, our team members, and our communities to deliver high-quality work and achieve outstanding results. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and we strive to make a positive impact in everything we do.

Our partners

Royal Meteorological Society

OpenWeather is amongst the members of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS).

The Royal Meteorological Society is a professional and learned society dedicated to developments in weather and climate, related scientific advances and research and broader range of weather-related topics.

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Achilles-certified supplier

OpenWeather is an Achilles-certified supplier. This accreditation programme identifies and assesses the range of qualities and awards the certificates to those companies that show commitments to operational efficiency, performance and environmental standards. Achilles certification is currently one of the most popular supplier-related programmes in the world.

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Procurement platforms

OpenWeather is also listed on a number of global procurement platforms, such as SAP Ariba and Coupa.

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