Who we are

  • Openweather is a small IT company, established in 2014 by a group of engineers and experts in Big Data, data processing, and satellite imagery processing. Our headquarters is in the UK, we have an office in the US, and the development team in Latvia (EU).

What we do

  • We do very simple and fast APIs to work with our vast database of weather data, satellite imagery and other environmental data. We have 3 products - API to weather data, API to satellite imagery, and API to machine learning (R&D).

Who our customers are

  • 1.6 million developers work with our APIs, from individuals and small businesses to enterprises. We are processing 100,000 calls per sec.

Our plans

  • By today we have accumulated about 0.5 PB of usable satellite imagery plus the vast database of historical, current and forecast weather data that we are using for API for machine learning applications. With this API our customers can develop their own machine learning applications by fitting them with our weather data, satellite imagery data and other environmental data.

Some facts about our products

Weather API
  • More than 1,5 million customers
  • Simple, fast, and utterly convenient APIs for developers
  • Current weather, historical weather and forecast
  • Data are available for any geolocation
  • Data sources are NOAA, Canadian Environment, and raw data from weather stations
  • Open for integration of other data sources
  • https://openweathermap.com
Satellite imagery API
  • New product for easy and fast working with satellite imagery via APIs, without manual operations, deep expertise and costly infrastructure
  • Call for images straight from their applications, and do lots of online operations on top of it such as setup colours, vegetation indices like NDVI, get metadata and many others in one request
  • On-the-fly processing of all requests to API
  • Applied satellite imagery API for agricultural service https://agromonitoring.com with APIs to weather data, satellite imagery and specific data for agriculture like soil moisture, accumulated temperature and precipitations and others
Machine learning API - coming soon!
  • API to machine learning that works with the Openweather database to get the most detailed information for each pixel on the image - when it was taken, cloudiness, weather, to what object it belongs to - field, river, forest and others
  • API for machine learning applications to get easy and fast access to the Openweather vast database, process millions of tiles, and fit machine learning models with weather, imagery, elevation model data and others

Contact information

  • Openweather Ltd.
  • 17th floor,
  • 1 Ropemaker Street,
  • City Point,
  • London,
  • EC2Y 9ST
  • United Kingdom
  • OpenWeatherMap, Inc.
  • 1979 Marcus Avenue
  • Suite 210
  • Lake Success, NY
  • 11042
  • OpenWeatherMap SIA
  • Registration number 40103961603
  • Matīsa iela 79, Rīga,
  • LV-1009
  • Latvia
  • VAT LV40103961603