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Meteorological Service

Get the weather insights you really need. Our advanced Meteorological Service delivers clear, actionable weather data tailored to your specific requirements, no matter where you are in the world. From clear interpretations of today’s weather, to forecasts designed specifically for your business, stay informed and make better decisions with OpenWeather.

Embrace the confidence of emergency readiness and the foresight for long-term planning, all at your fingertips. Your journey through the elements, redefined.

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Direct Meteorologist Contact

How to schedule a consultation

Contact us with a brief description of your weather data needs. Our expert team will review your inquiry and provide tailored options, together with an estimated price. If needed, we can also schedule a call to clarify your requirements further.

Once we’ve agreed on the best approach, we will arrange a meeting with our meteorology team to start your OpenWeather solution.

Main features:

Interpretation of weather conditions

Explanations of observations and weather data

Advice on a forecast

Industry-specific advice & services

Customised forecast by request

On-rolling forecast based on the number of locations and parameters

Emergency preparedness guidance

Long-term planning assistance

Each consultation consist of following elements:

Problem & weather condition analysis

Forming an advice, potential business actions

Phone call / Zoom call with a meteorologist

Summary of a consultation provided by email

Forecast generated on OpenWeather data

Our Industries

Our meteorology team has expertise across a variety of industries and ready to provide specific advice and insights tailored to your needs



General Weather advice tailored to your specific needs

View sample report


Designed for complex Construction and Maintenance projects

View sample report


Ideal for Route planning and management

View sample report


Stay ahead adverse maritime weather conditions

View sample report

Film Production

Ensure effective planning and schedule management to stay on time

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Stay efficient and prepared in an ever-changing Energy landscape

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Most likely, we have already helped with a project like yours.

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