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Accumulated temperature data for agriculture

Accumulated temperature data for agriculture

Posted on 08 Sep 2017

Temperature, and especially accumulated temperature, is an important factor and it plays a fundamental role in agricultural productivity. Plants and insects develop in accordance with temperature. The warmer weather, the faster they grow and reproduce, and otherwise, the colder, the slower the processes go.

All species have a biological minimum of a temperature level, and the development does not take place at all below this level. When temperature of environment begins to exceed this minimum level, it gives a start to growth and reproduction. The value of this basic temperature (or a development threshold) has a crucial significance, and it differs for a definite species of plants and insects.

Accumulated temperature (AT) represents an integrated excess or lack of temperature regarding a fixed starting point. This index is calculated as a sum of average daily temperature of air and soil, which exceeds a certain threshold of zero, 5, 10 degrees or a biological minimum of a temperature level.

Basically speaking, this is a way to include temperature and time into one dimension for quantitative evaluation of growth speed of plants and insects. Usually the index of accumulated temperature data is used to create models of crop growth.  

In the near future we will introduce our new API for the accumulated temperature data. API will be based on historical data and will be focused primarily on users from the agricultural sector.  

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