Climate API: Climate forecast for 30 days

Climate API: Climate forecast for 30 days

Posted on 15 Jul 2019

We are glad to introduce our users to a new product which is based on a statistical approach to our historical weather data. Climate API is a simple and convenient API that is able to provide 30-day climate forecasts.
By using this API, you can request the values for the following weather parameters:

- Temperature:
- Average of all temperature measurements for this day, K;
- Average of all maximum and minimum temperature values for this day, K;
  - Absolute temperature maximum and minimum based on all historical measurements for this day,K.

- Pressure, humidity and wind speed:
  -Average of all pressure values for this day, hPa;
  -Average of all humidity values for this day, %;
  -Average of all wind speed values for his day. Default unit: m/sec.

In order to receive this data, you need to mention location of your interest and your APPID (API key). You can choose several ways to specify the location: by using the city name and country code, by using city id or by using geographical coordinates.

You can request your unique APPID by registering using the link on your account page. Alternatively, you can use the key that has been already created earlier.

An example of API call that uses the city name:,GB&appid={YOUR API KEY}

Example of API response:

For more details, please see our documentation.

In the future, we are planning to introduce a whole new range of data that will be available in our Climate API. Please see the details of subscriptions that include a 30-day Climate forecast here.

We will be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions at