Climatic Forecast 30 Days API

Climatic Forecast 30 Days API

Posted on 04 Sep 2020

OpenWeather provides several types of weather forecasts to help companies plan demand, sales, operating schedules and many other necessary things.

Today we are going to tell you about our Climatic Forecast 30 Days API in more detail: how to start using it, what weather data is included, etc.

This product can help you to make better predictions and preparations for changing conditions in the long term.

Climatic Forecast 30 Days API is a simple and useful API, which provides the most important weather parameters, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, clouds and precipitation. The data set has a 1-hour step and is available for any location. All weather data is delivered in the standard JSON formats.

We invite you to try our service and get the weather forecast for 30 days.

How to request the API

To get weather data, you just need to specify the desired location. This can be done by city or town name, geographic coordinates, city ID or zip code.

Let’s look at an API call by city name:

API call:{city name},{country code}&appid={your api key}


{city name}, {country code} are city name and country code divided by comma

{your api key} unique API key (you can always find it on the account page, on the "API key" tab)

For example:,UK&appid={your api key}

Please read our detailed documentation to learn about how to request the weather forecast in other ways.

The types of data you will receive in the API response

  • Temperature: Day, Min Daily, Max Daily, Night, Evening, Morning

  • Feels like temperature: Day, Night, Evening, Morning

  • Atmospheric pressure at sea level

  • Humidity

  • Wind:

    • speed

    • direction (meteorological degrees)

  • Cloudiness

  • Precipitation: Rain, Snow

Example of API response:

How to subscribe to the Climate Forecast 30 Days API

The Climatic Forecast 30 Days API is included in our “Current Weather and Forecasts” collection and is available in our monthly subscriptions. You can find detailed information on the Pricing page.