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Dashboard update: Accumulated parameters and weather history

Dashboard update: Accumulated parameters and weather history

Posted on 05 Sep 2019

Dear customers and readers!

The OpenWeather team is pleased to inform you that once again we have significantly expanded the functionality of our Dashboard.

In the new release, in addition to the already available free services (satellite imagerycurrent and historical data for NDVI / EVI vegetation indices, current weather data and  forecasts), we can provide you with several new paid data sets from our Agro API.

These are Historical weather data on temperature and precipitation for your polygon for the time interval you are interested in, as well as Accumulated parameters: accumulated precipitation and temperature for the polygon for the time interval you are interested in, calculated using our APIs for Accumulated temperature and Accumulated precipitation.

Historical weather data

Accumulated parameters

You can save the received data as an image, as a set of numbers(in various formats) as well as print directly from the dashboard page.

To get access to these new services, you need to subscribe first. For your convenience, we offer a flexible subscription system. For users who are only interested in weather data, we offer the Small Weather subscription. In the Small Kit (depth of historical data - 1 year) subscription, we include all weather data and satellite data. If none of the proposed tariffs suits you, then we suggest considering a personal Corporate tariff for your specific requests.

If you already have a paid subscription in our Agro API system, when you switch to Dashboard, you will already have access to the functionality corresponding to your active subscription.

We will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact us at info@openweathermap.org.

We are going to add soil data in the next releases.

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