Data from Modis in VANE platform!

Data from Modis in VANE platform!

Posted on 06 Mar 2019

The QUERY BUILDER team is pleased to present a new source of current data for the VANE platform service from two Modis satellites: Terra and Aqua.

Now the QUERY BUILDER allows you to view separately satellite images from each of the Aqua and Terra satellites, also their ‘Modis’ composite. To get the image of the ‘Modis’ composite, the VANE platform joins scenes of both Aqua and Terra satellites and processes them in no time.

With QUERY BUILDER you get two types of products:

  • NDVI tiles with high resolution for the detailed zoom 9. This product will be used to obtain NDVI historical data. We are planning to launch it shortly. Historical satellite data for agricultural territories (America, South America and Russia) are already loaded for the whole 2018.
    We are planning to download historical data for the earlier periods as well.

  • Tiles for maps, which include 1,2,3,4,5,7 bands, allow from 0 to 7 zoom. You can get a satellite imagery map for a base layer for your applications (for your weather maps and many others). Satellite imagery map updates every day and covers the entire globe. Satellite imagery data are available from 01.22.2019.

You can over zoom in QUERY BUILDER but the data quality will be degraded started from zoom 7 and higher.
We are looking forward to getting your questions and comments