Historical collection | Part 1: History API, History Bulk, Statistical API and History Forecast Bulk

Historical collection | Part 1: History API, History Bulk, Statistical API and History Forecast Bulk

Posted on 12 Dec 2019

Today, we would like to tell you more about one of the most requested weather services from OpenWeather - our Historical weather data. It is based on our new “Time Machine” weather technology.
Time Machine is an algorithm that combines model data and data from stations and allows you to get weather history up to 40 years depth for any coordinate.

Where and how historical data can be used?

Historical weather data allows you to conduct marketing research, develop models for analysis, forecasting, and minimising risks for a wide variety of weather-related situations.
Weather plays an essential role in areas such as:

- Agriculture;
- Electricity production (especially green/sustainable energy solutions, which are critically dependent on the weather);
- Logistics;
- Construction industry;
- Travel services;
- etc.
Such wide range of applications dictates an obvious need for different formats for the provision of data. Each new use case has a different method of setting the location or territory, different data depth, etc.
While working in close contact with clients from various industries and focusing on their real-world objectives, we have developed a flexible system of data receiving and then combined it in the Historical weather data collection.

Ways in which you can request historical data

We provide our data in two ways: via the API or in the form of one-time exports for selected locations (also known as History Bulk and History Forecast Bulk).  
You can get historical data for the following weather parameters: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind, cloudiness and precipitation.
Data are provided in 1 hour increments.

History API - monthly subscription to an API

This service provides API access to hourly historical data. After subscribing, you will be able to request data for any coordinates. Please note that, while our current and forecast APIs provide unique data for any coordinates, History API’s data is city-based. This means that, should you specify certain coordinates in your API call, we will pull the data from the closest available city that exists in our database. The depth of available data is one month, one year or seven years (depending on the chosen subscription).
For more details, please see the Pricing page.

History Bulk - one-time data export

History Bulk is a service that allows you to receive you historical data in a form of CSV or JSON file. A single file of History Bulk can contain historical data for either one or multiple locations.
You can get it in 2 ways:

  • To receive historical data for up to 40 years back, please get in touch with us at info@openweathermap.org. Our experts will process your list of locations and export the necessary data for you from our archive up to 40 years old.
  • Alternatively, we provide the opportunity to purchase and download our weather data directly from your Personal account. Data are available for up to 19 years back (since January 1, 2000).

Files are available in JSON and CSV file formats.
For more details, please see our Pricing page.

Statistical weather data API - monthly subscription

Statistical weather data API allows you to get statistical data for main weather parameters that are aggregated in various ways: for a specific date, month or the whole year.
This format of historical data enables new ways for analysis of climatic indicators and provides a basis for statistical approach to weather forecasting.
Available in JSON data format. For more details, please see our Pricing page.

Historical forecast bulk - one-time data export

You can data of previously made 16-day forecast from archive starting from April 6, 2017. Data are available for any city.
Files are available in JSON and CSV formats. For more details, please see our Pricing page.
You can get these data in 2 ways:

  • We provide the opportunity to get historical forecast weather data directly from your Personal account.
  • Alternatively, if you plan to order historical data for an extensive number of locations, we recommend to contact us directly at info@openweathermap.org.

What other products based on historical data can we offer?

Especially for our clients from the agricultural sector, we have made it possible to receive historical data on polygons. Polygons are user-created areas on the map, like agricultural fields, forests and so on.
The same data can be obtained in graphical form in our Dashboard.

Another visual representation of historical data is offered by our Weather maps 2.0 service. In this product, by using one URL, you can get a weather map for any date starting from February 9, 2018.

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As usual, you are more than welcome to leave your feedback at info@openweathermap.org.