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Our new weather product – Hourly Forecast!

Our new weather product – Hourly Forecast!

Posted on 04 Apr 2019

The OpenWeather team is pleased to present you our new product, Hourly Forecast.

This is an accurate and detailed forecast, with more advanced features in comparison with our 5-day forecast, using 3-hour steps:

Higher geographic accuracy. The hourly forecast uses a model grid with a 0.25-degree step, whereas for a 5-day forecast we use a grid with a 0.6-degree step.

More detailed forecast. For the upcoming 4 days (96 hours) you get forecast data for each hour, which means we provide you with data for 96 timestamps. With the 5-day forecast, you get data for 40 timestamps.

This new API has the same syntax and weather parameters as the 5-day forecast, with major features such as these:

You can get data in JSON and XML formats.

You can search the weather forecast by town or city/town name, city/town ID, geographic coordinates or postal/ZIP code.

Temperatures are available in Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin units.

A detailed description of this API, with the list of weather parameters and examples of API requests, can be found here.

It’s available for Developer, Professional and Corporate accounts. You can find more information on our Price page.

Please contact us at info@openweathermap.org with any questions.

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