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NEW! Probability of precipitation in OpenWeather forecasts!

NEW! Probability of precipitation in OpenWeather forecasts!

Posted on 13 Aug 2020

We keep improving our weather products! This time, we are happy to tell you that we have added the Probability of precipitation parameter to our weather forecasts.

The meteorological definition of “probability of precipitation” is:

“The chance that measurable precipitation (0.1 mm of rain or snow) will fall on any random point of the forecast region during the forecast period.” Simply put, this parameter shows the “chance of rain or snow” forecast.

You can find information about the probability of precipitation in each API response in the pop field. This is available to our users in the following OpenWeather APIs:

To allow you to check how it works, here is an example of an API call to the 5 Days / 3 Hours Forecast API:


You can also find the probability of precipitation data in the new version of our weather widget, in the Hourly Forecast (in the Precipitation tab) and in the 8-day Forecast blocks.

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