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OpenWeather One Call API 3.0: Introducing Human-Readable Weather Summaries

OpenWeather One Call API 3.0: Introducing Human-Readable Weather Summaries

Posted on 30 May 2024

Get a clear and accurate description of today's weather and tomorrow's forecast in plain language, perfect for displaying in your apps or sharing with users.

The OpenWeather One Call API 3.0, already a feature-rich weather data solution, has just become even more versatile with the addition of a new AI-powered Weather Overview feature, available at no additional cost over the standard One Call API 3.0 pricing tier.

This additional endpoint, powered by the same cutting-edge AI used by the new OpenWeather Chatbot, is designed to give clear and accurate human-readable summaries of often complex meteorological information. 

An example of this additional response might be:

"The current weather conditions show a temperature of 17°C with a slight breeze of 4 meters per second coming from the south. The sky is mostly covered by broken clouds, with a visibility of 10,000 meters. The humidity stands at 73%, and the air pressure is at 1001 hPa. The weather feels slightly cooler than the actual temperature, with a "feels like" temperature of 16°C. The dew point is at 12°C, and the UV index is at 2. Overall, we can expect a fairly mild and slightly cloudy day with a gentle breeze. So, if you're heading out, you might want to grab a light jacket just in case."

Some uses for the new feature are:

Consumer Weather Apps: 

Provide users with clear, concise weather summaries directly to their app. This eliminates the need for users to decipher complex data, making weather information more accessible and engaging.

Voice Assistant Apps: 

Incorporate weather summaries into voice assistant response apps. When the user asks, "What's the weather like today?", they receive a clear, concise and easy-to-understand response.

News and Media Websites: 

Enhance weather reporting with easily digestible summaries, making complex weather patterns understandable to a wider audience.

Key Features of One Call API 3.0

Our One Call API 3.0 provides nuanced yet easy to use access to essential global weather data, short-term and long-term forecasts and aggregated historical weather data. 

The One Call API 3.0 offers access to a range of data through four endpoints:

1. Current weather conditions and forecasts:

  • Minute-by-minute forecast for the next hour

  • Hourly forecast spanning 48 hours

  • Daily forecast covering 8 days

  • Government weather alerts

2. Weather data available for any specific timestamp from a historical archive spanning over 45 years, alongside forecasts for the next 4 days.

3. Daily aggregation of weather data from a historical archive spanning over 45 years, along with forecasts extending 1.5 years ahead.

4. Weather overview with a human-readable weather summary for today and tomorrow's forecast, utilizing OpenWeather AI technologies.

Experience the power of AI-driven weather summaries with OpenWeather One Call API 3.0, and visit our documentation to learn more and start building smarter weather applications for your users.

How to start using the OpenWeather One Call API 3.0

  • The new human-readable AI-generated summaries are now available to all existing One Call API 3.0 users at no extra cost. 

  • One Call API 3.0 is available on the basis of flexible pay-as-you-call packages that adapt to your level of usage, with the first 1000 calls being free. Alternatively, please reach out to our sales team and we can discuss a ‘fixed’ monthly package with a fixed monthly cost.

  • More information on pricing and how to start using this versatile and nuanced service can be found here.

The API can be used with one simple call such as:

https://api.openweathermap.org/data/3.0/onecall?lat={lat}&lon={lon}&exclude={part}&appid={API key}

Documentation for One Call 3.0 API can be found here

About OpenWeather:

OpenWeather provides weather data for any location on the globe using a proprietary hyperlocal forecasting model with a resolution from 500 m to 2 km, globally. More than 6,000,000 customers from logistics, agriculture, insurance, energy, retail, and many other sectors, are working with the company's weather products. 

OpenWeather cooperates with global meteorological agencies such as MetOffice and NOAA, and enhances its model with data from radars, weather stations and satellites. The company provides great availability of service at 99.9% for enterprise-level products. 

The products can be easily integrated into complex IT systems and are ideal for ML analytic systems. OpenWeather is a member of Royal Meteorological Society and an Achilles-certified supplier. OpenWeather ethical initiatives include support of educators and students, not-for-profit subscriptions for the general public to increase weather awareness, and recent Ukrainian donation programme.

For more information on how to gain access to our OpenWeather products, please email us.

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