OpenWeather team announces Relief maps!

OpenWeather team announces Relief maps!

Posted on 29 Nov 2018

Today we are glad to present you a new product from OpenWeather - Relief maps! This product allows you to get relief maps around the world. Set the position of the sun in parameters and you will receive precise illumination of the earth’s surface and its relief for conditions set.

You can use Relief maps as a base layer in your maps. Also, you can use Relief maps with our Weather map layers.

This product is a combination of a layer tint (colored raster) and a hillshade. For the layer tint you can use our custom palette. We also made it possible for you to pass your own color palette in URL. To use this product with other map layers, you may need the "opacity" parameter, which will allow you to manage the transparency of this layer. The full list of parameters here.

Examples of setting optional parameters of Relief maps you can find here.

To get Relief maps just use only one URL format and your personal API key. You need to insert the generated URL into special plugins. For example, Leaflet, OpenLayers. You can also use any other apps that support the display of layers. More information about it you can find here.