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OpenWeatherMap data in Mozilla's IoT project: WebThings Gateway

OpenWeatherMap data in Mozilla's IoT project: WebThings Gateway

Posted on 29 Jan 2020

One of the most popular ways our weather data is used is home automation. Data from OpenWeatherMap (OpenWeather’s weather project) have already been “living” in smart homes around the world for several years.
This time our Current weather data are participating in a new Mozilla project The WebThings Gateway for home automation: Monitor and control all your smart home devices via a unified web interface.

WebThings Gateway is a software distribution for smart home gateways which allows users to directly monitor and control their smart home over the web, without a middleman. It provides a web-based user interface to monitor and control smart home devices, a rules engine to automate them and an add-ons system to extend the gateway with support for a wide range of existing smart home devices.
Weather add-on for the gateway allows users to select from OpenWeatherMap or some other providers.
For more details visit https://github.com/mozilla-iot/weather-adapter

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