OpenWeather team announces Weather maps 2.0!

OpenWeather team announces Weather maps 2.0!

Posted on 29 Oct 2018

OpenWeather team announces Weather maps 2.0 where now you can work not only with current weather layers but with historical and forecast maps! On top of that, we added a bunch of new weather layers including amazing wind speed and wind direction and many others.

The most remarkable part of the new maps is its simplicity. Using only one API call (URL), you can get forecast map (for 10 days with 3-hour step), historical map (any date from February 2018), and current weather map. It is really simple as you change only one parameter in the API call that defines the map's type. With the same API call (URL) you can set up any of 15th weather layers that include air temperature and atmospheric pressure, along with precipitation, soil temperature on different depth, a combined display of speed wind and wind direction, and many other useful maps. For each layer, we have custom palettes, but you can use your palette and include it to the API call.

You can use our URL in all conventional libraries that work with tile layers. With Leaflet and the OpenLayers libraries, with our Weather maps 2.0 you can even build interactive maps and embed them into your application. More information about it is here.

Weather maps 2.0 is available for Developer, Professional and Enterprise subscribers (see more details in the price-list). Weather maps 1.0 is available for any subscribers including Free account.

Read more in API documentation.