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OpenWeatherMap presents the release of the VANE Language service

OpenWeatherMap presents the release of the VANE Language service

Posted on 11 Oct 2016

We initially called this service the “Imagery API”, but later realised that it consists of much more than just API calls. “VANE Language” is a more appropriate name for it, as it is like an SQL for satellite images. It is a unique offering in the satellite market. VANE Language is an entirely online service – there are no manual procedures, or presets such as maps prepared in advance.

Each “image” that we receive from Landsat 8 is not an image as commonly understood, but several layers that have to be processed and merged in some way before you can do anything with them. Each unarchived number of bands occupies around 2 GB of storage, and it obviously takes a lot of resources and time to process it. For example, to create a global map you need around 10,000 images that need to be processed and merged.

With VANE Language, the developer does not worry about time-costly pre-processing, because we do it all online immediately. We provide a powerful tool that will be familiar to any developer and hides all the complexity. In short, VANE Language gives full flexibility for a developer to do whatever they want with images and deploy the results into applications.

It also has a unique feature: configuring the formula for image processing. This allows the developer to set up their image-processing logic to create specific vegetation indexes, false colours and any other images that they want to use for analysis of objects, changes, yield health, etc.

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