The second version of our updated Dashboard: Weather data!

The second version of our updated Dashboard: Weather data!

Posted on 01 May 2019

Dear customers and readers,

We are glad to tell you about the new features in our Dashboard.

Now you are able to use our Weather data in addition to the functions which are already implemented in the Dashboard: Satellite imagery (True color, False color, NDVI and EVI), NDVI and EVI vegetation indices and its statistics, Historical NDVI chart, and others.

Now, you can get the following weather data for your fields: Current weather data, Daily forecast for 7 days and our new weather product - Hourly forecast for 4 days.

Go to the “Weather data” section to get weather data for your polygons.

The menu with a list of all your created polygons, Current weather and Hourly forecast for 4 days will be displayed on this page. To get weather for any of your polygons, just select it in the polygon menu on the right. Use the slider to select the Daily forecast for 7 days, which is located under the map.

Detailed description on how to work with the Weather data can be found here.

We remind you that you don’t have to register if you already have an Openweather account.

Just use your Openweather login and password. If you haven’t got an Openweather account, please do here.

We will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact us at

We are going to add historical weather data, accumulated parameters and soil data in the next releases. 

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