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Very short-term forecasts for transportation companies with One Call API

Very short-term forecasts for transportation companies with One Call API

Posted on 12 May 2020

The transportation industry, both in itself and as a part of logistics, is highly dependent on short-term weather events. Timely and accurate weather information for the coming period is important both from the point of view of driver safety and for calculating optimal routes, and even helps to save petrol.

Also, in the current situation, when many people cannot even leave their homes to buy the most necessary items, delivery services play a huge role, which bears a heavy responsibility for maintaining the normal functioning of society.

And, because of this, information about when rain will begin or end – and in which part of the city, or in which village – will help to build the most optimal route, increase safety and make the functioning of the whole system more efficient.

Obviously, such information should be timely, accurate and easily accessible.

OpenWeather’s Minute Forecast meets all these requirements and is available in free plan (up to 1,000 requests per day)!

Minute Forecast allows you to collect data on precipitation for the next hour in increments of one minute.

This data can be obtained either as a single call along with other weather data available in the One Call API, or separately from it.

It will not take long to collect data from Minute Forecast: you just need to make a call to the One Call API. 

The API call should be as follows:

https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/onecall?lat={lat}&lon={lon}&exclude={part}&appid={YOUR API KEY} 


  • lat and lon are the geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude)

  • YOUR API KEY is your unique API key (you can find this on the Account page, in the “API key” tab).

You will receive a data set like this:

If you have not used this product before, please read our detailed documentation, which will help you to get started

It is available in all our subscription plans, including the Free plan. You can find detailed information on subscriptions for our products on the Pricing page.

Minute Forecast for 1 hour is part of the OpenWeather One Call API along with the Current Weather, Historical Weather Data, Daily Forecast and Hourly Forecast.

We will be happy to answer all your questions – please contact us at info@openweathermap.org.

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