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Widgets for OpenWeather App on iOS

Widgets for OpenWeather App on iOS

Posted on 24 Mar 2021

A new way to check your weather is now possible with an introduction of widgets in the release of iOS 14.0. We are serious about minimalism in our products and the widgets for OpenWeather app are no exception. We developed 2 widgets, so you can see all the weather info you need at a glance. Each widget acts like a window into whatever mother nature had prepared for you today. 

A widget for current weather and a widget for short-term forecast

You can now personalise your iPhone Home Screen with the widgets from OpenWeather App - one widget is for current weather and the other one is for the short-term forecast for 4 hours. The weather data from OpenWeather can now be delivered right on the screen of your phone, withdrawing the need for swiping left and right while searching for the app icon.

The small widget displays your location, 1-hour precipitation forecast, weather alerts, current temperature and weather conditions. The medium widget displays your location, 1-hour precipitation forecast, weather alerts, temperature and weather conditions for the next 4 hours. 

OpenWeather App is powered by One Call API

It is made possible by One Call API that provides all the essential weather information in one set. In case you need assistance in setting up the widgets on your device, you may check the official guideline. The weather measurements and your location are retrieved directly from the OpenWeaher App. We would welcome any ideas for improvement of our widgets. Should you have any, please send them to info@openweathermap.org.

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