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Solar Panels Energy Prediction

Product features

This Solar Panel Energy Prediction API gives the particular solar panel output, based on the panely`s technical characteristics.



5 km





Data step

15 minutes & 1 hour


Current & Forecasts PV output

Current and 15 days ahead forecast data for solar panel power output

Historical data

Historical solar panel power output data is available for more than the 40 previous years (from 1st January 1979)

Data structure

Data contains daily solar panel power output for each solar panel with an 1 hour and 15 minutes step. In addition each response includes essential solar irradiance data


Read more about the technologies behind the solar irradiance

We also provide wide range of weather data, such as temperature, wind, humidity, etc. Please consider our Current & Forecast and Historical data collections.

Use case

We make the final forecast of energy from the client's solar panels

Our cutting-edge IT service offers two powerful options for customers to accurately estimate their solar power generation and determine the energy output of each PV panel.

The first option provides convenient and quick estimates by assuming the energy volume with your solar panel parameters. Our platform allows you to easily input your PV panel parameters and receive an estimated energy volume output.

For more precise results, the second option utilizes our advanced ML technologies to calculate energy volume based on your specific PV panel's historical data. This option provides more accurate results than the first option and empowers you to optimize your solar energy production.

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How to start?

  1. Sign up to our service if you haven't got OpenWeather API key yet.

  2. Please contact us to subscribe and get access to Solar Panel Energy Prediction API.

  3. Create a location via API where your solar panel or panels are located.

  4. Assosiate a solar panel or panels for location created at the previous step. Please note that you can create unlimited number of panels for one location.

  5. That's it! Just make an API call and get not only solar panel power output data for all solar panels associated with particular location but solar irradiance data for this location as well.

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There are no limits on the number of API calls and created solar panels per location. Users will pay for already existing and new created locations during a current billing month, then they will be charged at the end of the billing month.

per location/month

Global coverage | No limits for API calls | No limits for PV panels per location

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