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Welcome to OpenWeather, where we're shaping a sustainable future in everything we do!

Weather data serves a fundamental role for numerous industries, offering insights into climate patterns, energy demand, and operational optimisation. We harness the power of weather to craft solutions that enhance business efficiency while fostering environmental care.

Beyond our offerings, we champion environmental education, infuse our corporate culture with eco-awareness, and enhance access to weather data for a broader audience. Discover our journey in sustainable innovation and join us in shaping a future where environmental responsibility and business success are inextricably linked.

Our Products and Sustainability

Data-driven sustainability solutions are now urgently needed, and this need is a significant driver of innovation. We are playing a crucial part in accelerating the net zero transition because of the unique position that our company holds as a source of weather data. This vision aligns with Openweather's core competency in weather data analysis and contributes to SDG 13 (Climate Action) by assisting diverse regions in building resilience against climate impact. Our advanced ML-based numerical weather model provides fast and reliable weather data globally, aiding various industries - from energy and agriculture to logistics and marketing - in achieving both profitability and sustainability.

At OpenWeather, sustainability is not just an add-on; it's integrated into the very essence of our products. For example, our Road Risk API, which significantly enhances vehicle navigation, aligns perfectly with sustainable practices by promoting fuel efficiency. Citing study by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which suggest that Green Routing could lead to fuel savings of as much as 10%, it's clear that such achievements rely heavily on accurate weather data. Our products play a significant role in this process, contributing substantially to the reduction of emissions. Our Solar Panel Energy Prediction API is pivotal in optimising the output of solar panels, ensuring that they operate at peak efficiency. This technology is crucial for the development of cleaner energy sources, particularly at a time when the shift towards sustainable energy is imperative for the planet. In essence, every OpenWeather solution is a step towards a more sustainable world, demonstrating our commitment to embedding environmental stewardship into business efficiency.

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OpenWeather Sustainable Culture

Commitment to innovation, quality, and global responsibility contributes to our sustainability efforts. At OpenWeather, we believe in the power of small steps and consistent action.Therefore, we are committed to making a difference every day by promoting sustainability in our corporate culture and among our workers.

Sustainable business practises

  • In our commitment to a greener future, we've embraced paperless operations as a key initiative. From documentation to promotional materials such as leaflets and brochures for meetings and conferences, we've transitioned to digital formats, reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Further amplifying our commitment to environmental conservation is our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Through initiatives like adopting a tiger, we actively contribute to the restoration of vital habitats and ecosystems essential for the survival of these endangered species. This collaboration not only reflects our dedication to wildlife protection but also aligns with broader efforts to ensure sustainable coexistence between humans and nature. Together, these actions underscore our resolve to make meaningful, positive changes for our planet.


Our team is the driving force behind our sustainability initiatives.

  • Employee-Led Initiatives: Many of our most impactful sustainability projects originated from our team members, reflecting our collective commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Continuous Learning: We regularly conduct workshops and training sessions to stay aware of the latest in sustainable practices, ensuring our team is always equipped to make a difference.

Carbon Neutrality Certificate

We are proud to announce that Openweather has achieved the Carbon Neutrality Certificate, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. This milestone is just the beginning:

What This Means: Achieving this certificate signifies our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and our ongoing efforts to improve our environmental impact.

Our Continued Effort: We are committed to upholding the standards of this certification and seeking ways to further our sustainability journey.

Open Weather Carbon Neutral Certificate

Community and Educational Engagement

At OpenWeather, we recognise the crucial role of collective responsibility and engagement in tackling global challenges such as climate change and sustainability. We're committed to promoting sustainability across diverse audiences, driven by the belief that wider access to weather data can unlock significant potential. That is why we have launched OpenWeather Initiatives:

  • Student Initiative: Through our Student Initiative, we offer complimentary access to our data for students and researchers. This initiative has successfully created a vibrant community of over 8,000 members, all actively engaged in using our data for scientific research. We hold a firm belief that by equipping people with weather data, we're not just educating them, but also enabling the discovery of more innovative and groundbreaking approaches to address climate change. This initiative underscores our dedication to fostering a generation of problem-solvers and thought leaders in climate science.
  • OpenSource Initiative: Our commitment to collective responsibility and engagement extends to the OpenSource community. We firmly believe in the power of OpenSource solutions to drive progress. To support and inspire OpenSource developers, we facilitate access to weather data, encouraging contributions to the OpenSource infrastructure. Our community now includes thousands of dedicated developers, evidenced by our presence in over 14,000 GitHub repositories. This approach aligns with our philosophy that greater access to data leads to better outcomes.
  • Healthcare Initiative: Embracing the sustainability principle of balanced development, OpenWeather's Healthcare initiative focuses on expanding the understanding of how weather impacts human wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the fragility of human health, prompting us to support research that delves into how weather influences health and wellbeing. Through our Healthcare initiative, we have assisted hundreds of research projects, aiming to deepen our understanding of this relationship. We are convinced that insights gained from this research will not only broaden our knowledge but also enhance the wellbeing of future generations, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable and health-conscious future.
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