Satellite imagery API | Part 1- Why Satellite imagery API? How to work with Satellite imagery API?

Satellite imagery API | Part 1- Why Satellite imagery API? How to work with Satellite imagery API?

Posted on 19 Sep 2018

Why Satellite imagery API?

It was not easy to work with satellite imagery and use them in applications. You had to have deep expertise in the satellite imagery area and have access to massive computing capacity. Fortunately, now these data are available in a much easier way through our APIs. Our platform makes a significant and complicated job to let you get images for your application. We collect, store and process open images of Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, Modis, and images from commercial providers. We keep them in the unified format with the unified level of brightness. As a result of this background job, you simply call data for your polygon on some date or period and get smooth, non-stitched images of high resolution and quality that are made of images from different satellites (we pick up the best images with a different resolution for the better result). You also get metadata for the polygon or any pixel.

Satellite imagery API it a fast and simple way to work with satellite imagery. You can call API from your agricultural application and get images for your polygons in near real time. You can get prompt access to vast archives of imagery and use them for your machine learning algorithms.

With our powerful platform, we process data on-the-fly and return images as TRUE color and False color channels and also in the form of calculated NDVI and EVI indices.

How to setup your polygon and get its ID?

Before you start calling for satellite imagery or any other data, you should set up a polygon with Polygons API and get its ID. Use this polygon ID to call API for satellite imagery, as well as all other APIs for weather, accumulated temperature, soil moisture and other data. We store all your polygons in our system, and you can edit your polygons, delete or add new with Polygon API.

How to work with Satellite imagery API?

So, now, having the polygon ID, you can call the Satellite imagery API in 2 simple steps:

Step 1. Search for satellite imagery for a polygon. We search all available satellite imageries for your polygon and return you URLs to them (True Color, False Color, NDVI and EVI). Use these URLs in Step 2 to get images or metadata.

Step 2. Get satellite imagery and metadata. We have 4 groups of APIs to get an image of your polygon in PNG, a tile in PNG format, statistics and metadata of NDVI & EVI indices of a polygon and the image in GeoTIFF format. Use URLs from the Step 1 and call APIs to Image, Tiles, Stats, and Data for that.

In the next article, we tell you about getting images and metadata (Step 2) in more details.

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