Satellite imagery API | Part 2 - How to get an image of your polygon in PNG format?

Satellite imagery API | Part 2 - How to get an image of your polygon in PNG format?

Posted on 04 Oct 2018

This is a second article from the series Satellite imagery API. About our product, its capabilities and why we recommend you to use it, you can read in the first previous article - Why Satellite imagery API?

- an image of a polygon in PNG format;

- a tile in PNG format; 

- zonal statistics for NDVI & EVI indices of a polygon; 

- an image in GeoTIFF format.

In this article we will tell you, how to get an image of your polygon in PNG format. 

Satellite imagery API allows you to get a processed image from the satellite of your polygon (read this article and our documentation to know how to create the polygon). You can get the image of your polygon for available products:

  • True color

  • False color

  • NDVI and EVI indices (provide you information about a level vegetation on your polygon). 

To get an image of your polygon in PNG format you need to do 2 simple steps:
Step 1. Specify an ID of your polygon, a period of searching and your API key  in the request to our system. In the Agro API response, you will obtain the array of JSON structures that related to your polygon, sorted by dates range and contained 'image' field with URLs links of products (True & False color, NDVI & EVI indices) which you can receive in PNG format.

Step 2. Copy the URL obtained in the 'image' block and make the API call. In result, your polygon in the selected product will open in a new tab.

Look the description of parameters and examples in our documentation

Example of API request:

Get NDVI satellite image in PNG format

Example of response:

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