Satellite imagery API | Part 3 - How to get tiles with your polygon in PNG format with "tile"?

Satellite imagery API | Part 3  - How to get tiles with your polygon in PNG format with "tile"?

Posted on 31 Oct 2018

This is the third article from the series Satellite imagery API. About our product, its capabilities and why we recommend you to use it, you can read in the first previous article - Why Satellite imagery API?

- an image of a polygon in PNG format;

- a tile in PNG format; 

- zonal statistics for NDVI & EVI indices of a polygon; 

- an image in GeoTIFF format.

In this article we will tell you, how to get tiles with your polygon in PNG format with "tile". 

Satellite imagery API allows you to get satellite data in the form of a tile containing your polygon in PNG format.  This product created for customers, who work with map display plugins, for comfortable using of our satellite data in them.  
As a result, you will get the URL for tile layers containing your polygon and you will be able to paste it into the most common special plugins, such as «Leaflet», «OpenLayers» etc. Moreover, you will be able to use any other applications that support tile layers displaying.
If your polygon falls on several tiles at the selected scale, then each tile will contain its corresponding part when displaying the tile layer. 
The client plugin (Leaflet, OpenLayers) will find the correct ZXY coordinates depending on the map scale and the place on the map and inject them into the url-template, obtained from our API.

You can get information about polygon creation process from the documentation on our web-site or from the article in our blog.

Using the API you can get an image of your territory on tile in all the available products (True Color, False Color, NDVI, and EVI).
To get the tile with your polygon in PNG format you need to do 2 simple steps:

  1.  Specify your polygon ID, search date range and your API key. In the API response, you will receive an array, sorted on the date interval in the request. The array contains JSON format structures with a 'tile' field, which has the URLs of all the tile layers containing images of your polygon available in our database that fall into the specified search conditions.

  2. Copy the URL`s from the ‘tile’ block and paste into any plugins or applications supports tile layers displaying

Attention! If you are using applications or plugins that do not support displaying of tile layers, or if you pass incorrect ZXY coordinates in the request, the following error will be received: code 400002, Incorrect zxy coordinates. 
Look for examples and parameters description in our documentation!

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